Episode 55. On the Day that I Died.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the studio and go record off-site! This week we joined producer, Hraefn Wulfson. Director Chuck Waagen, and actor Dutch Van Der Laan at McGrew Studios to talk about their upcoming film, On the Day that I Died.

On the Day that I Died is a passion project for Director Chuck Waagen. They have been working on filming for the past year and a half. Their budget is minimal (on purpose) and they are utilizing the mad skills of set designer, Hraefn Wulfson and Jen Mcgrew, and of course, the beauty of Utah. Without giving too much away, On the Day that I Died “follows a desperate man who, as a result his own selfish impulsive action (suicide) finds himself in a foreign and surreal world which he doesn’t understand; challenging him to make sense of this strange realm, inhabited by even stranger people, and come to terms with the reason he decided to end his life in the first place.

And who doesn’t love a life size armadillo? We are excited to see this movie come to fruition and if you would like to donate, or be part of the film, please reach out to us and we can get you in contact with the crew!

McGrew Studios is know for its paranormal activity and Hraefn took us on a tour of the studios after the show and we may have a lot to talk about next week!!

On the Day that I died podcast1

on the day that i died podcast 2


Oh, and it’s Fathers day!

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Episode 23.. Oh It’s Magic, You know…


Josh 2.0… aka Holly… joined us again this week!

The New Utah Podcast can’t tell you enough to make sure you are going to vote. We also had our last pre-election show with Misty K Snow. Don’t be complacent. You can make change! If you are voting by mail, promise us you will have your ballot in by Saturday! And if you really need the “I Voted” Sticker (Jessica got hers and Holly is totally going to get hers on the 8th)… get to your polls on Tuesday!


Some cool events for the weekend! The Winter Market starts at the Rio Grande. FYI This market is every OTHER Saturday through April. The Scots on the Rocks, Moab Celtic Festival is happening the 4,5,& 6th. And at Thanksgiving Point in the barn on Friday is Utah Indigenous Day!

This week is our last interview from the Utah Halloween Expo. The New Utah had the pleasure of sitting down for quite some time and chatting with Jen McGrew of Utah’s own, McGrew Studios. We had her business partner on a couple weeks ago, Hraefn Wulfson, and it was great to hear about their work and of course, Deadpool!

Ps. McGrew Studios are the amazing people that supplied the costume for the adorable Mini Wonder Woman that went viral the past couple weeks.

jen mcgrew utah halloween.jpg


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