Ep.32 You can’t make me be Gothic.


Welcome to the New Year New Utah listeners!!! We hope everyone made it in safely. Sit down, sit down.

Our first guest of 2017 is front man, Vision (aka Derek Rhodes), of Utah’s Own Goth/Metal band, Tragic Black! Which we might add, has been around for 16+ years. We chat with Derek about the evolving club and music scene in Salt Lake City. Remember Confetti’s? Derek and Chris sure do! Have you been to Area 51 lately? Perhaps you should, just for Nostalgia. We get a feel for Tragic Blacks trips around the world and fans in Europe Vs. fans in the U.S.

Vision and Tragic Black have a gig coming up at Metro Music Hall on January 14th! Visit Visions YOU TUBE channel for a taste Tragic Black. You can find them on ITUNES and Spotify too! The New Utah was super stoked he even got in stage makeup for us!!! Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of Derek’s bands that he is singing for that he told us about!(Spectre Theatre, Precariat, and Corvid)


Some great events this week include the IBSF plus Skeleton North American Cup at the Olympic Park in Park City. That is a free event! The annual classic video game night by Beat Gamers and Anime Banzai is the 7th, bring some canned food for the food drive! And Utah’s Own Richie Steadman is headlining as Indiana Bones at the Desert Star Play House in, “Indiana Bones: Raider of the Wallmart” starting the 5th of January to March!


Oh, and we don’t think you should be able to sue for porn damages.. Good try though Sen. Weiler, but you did make it into Esquire Magazine with your madness!!!

And YES!!! VW Southtowne is STILL taking sock donations until the 13th!!

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Music by bensound.com


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