Episode Lucky 13: Misty “Killer” Snow


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Lucky Episode 13 indeed!

Fun stuff going on in Utah this weekend!

Utah Beer Fest 2016 is finally here!


The Utah Renaissance Festival is at Thanksgiving Point August 26th and 27th. Go eat a freakin Turkey leg!

And if you need a little music in your life,  you can Wang Chung at the Lost 80’s concert at the Sandy Amphitheater.


And this week the tickets for the 1st Annual Halloween Expo went on sale!!

utah halloween expo

This week at The New Utah Podcast we were fortunate and honored to have Misty K Snow in our studio. *we’re not worthy…. we’re not worthy* (that was said in Wayne and Garth fashion if you didn’t know)


Who is Misty K.(it really is Kathrine, not Killer) Snow you ask? Well, if you have been living under a rock or perhaps you are just here in Utah where the local media isn’t giving the local campaigns the air time they should have, she is the nominee for the Utah Democratic party that has a fight of her life up against … duh duh duhhhhhh…. Mike Lee.

We were so excited to get some time from her and give her a platform to talk about herself and what she is fighting for. We didn’t want to limit her time like many media sources have to do. Now, if you are gathering information on candidates and are leaning towards Misty because she is, “of the people for the people,” but you are concerned she doesn’t have a political background… just stop thinking that nonsense and listen to her! Misty K. Snow is VERY knowledgeable of what she is stepping into and what she wants to do in the Senate. It was very cool to hear about her ah-ha moment of why she felt she needed to run for the Democratic Senate seat.

Coming in at the last minute and sweeping a win away from Jonathan Swinton, Misty is still building her funds, and working a very grassroots campaign by going from Cache County to Washington County. She talks about her stance on legalization of marijuana, idea of helping air quality, a smart minimum wage increase, and making sure pregnant moms are taken care of with maternity leave longer than 6 weeks.

We cannot wait to hear her debate Mike Lee in October on the 12th.

Regardless of who you vote for, Misty K. Snow is making history with her campaign. She comes from a working class background, her platforms are realistic and of the people (air quality, maternity leave, minimum wage, and more), she would be one of the youngest people in congress, and she would be Utah’s first Transgender Senator!

You can donate your time, your money, your resources at www.mistyksnow.com.  You can also mail a check to Misty K. Snow For U.S. Senate PO Box 3053 SLC Utah 84110.

Oh and in case you were wondering…. YOU CAN VOTE FOR MISTY K SNOW ANYWHERE IN UTAH!

And for the record, the K doesn’t stand for killer, but we think it gives her an extra edge. Follow her on Facebook at Misty K Snow or on Twitter @MistyKSnow 

Now make sure you are registered to vote, share this, and spread the word and create a snowball effect!!


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